Top 10 Blog Posts In 2019 At Limitless Monks


It’s Christmas and new year time. An a time where most of us like to look back and see what we have achieved and what we are set out to achieve next year.

In that festive spirit, a small content celebration from us this week listing down the most popular or top 10 blog posts in 2019 on our blog.

A simple criteria we applied is to list them in order of number of user views on posts that the analytics on blog say users have most read.

1) Killer Ways To Find Below Market Value Properties

When we started our investment journey, we did come up with some creative ways using zoopla website to find below market value properties.


Some great browser plugins we used to understand the motivation of the landlord to sell.

This post summarises to detail on how to use those filters in zoopla to find below market value properties and use those plugins.

A post that helped a lot of new entrants who started their property investment journey this year to find BMV properties.

Houses For Sale : 5 Killer Ways To Find Below Market Value Properties

2) Battling Your Inner Dialogue

Ask any successful investor or anyone who have setup a profitable business on the most important thing that a person should possess to succeed in personal or business life….

You would get just one answer.

“Mindset” and how much you can stop yourself to become your own blocker.

Here is one that explains and provides some insights into the inner dialogue we all go through and some potential solutions to combat the internal dialogue successfully.

Inner Dialogue – A Silent Killer Of Human Potential

3) How To Choose Your Property Investment Area

Picking a perfect investment area can be too basic an issue for some but trust me, this is one of the biggest struggle you will have as a startup property investor.

The post gives out 10 powerful checks to pick the best investment area.

10 Powerful Checks To Pick The Best Property Investment Area

4) Property Renovation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Renovation is a tricky part of investment cycle where one can lose or gain a lot of money.

It isn’t a surprise when people say this explicitly.

“There is no investor who has not lost money within their property refurbishment life”.

Schedule of works, Order of renovation, Urge to DIY are just few but this post lists 10 of those common mistakes that everyone commits investing in property.

10 Property Renovation Mistakes To Avoid As A Property Investor

5) Property Viewings Cycle That You Can Never Ignore

Property viewings as we always say and practice is the heartbeat to investment and to keep up the momentum to invest.

Stop the viewings and you stop building your portfolio.

If you want a system that can help you to just get consistent viewing properties then you are able to download this guide here.

[Property Viewings] : An Ultimate Guide On How To View Properties Building Your Portfolio

6) The 8 Buy-To-Let Questions Every Investor Should Ask

The best way to find out if a deal is good for you or not is based on the quality of questions you will probably ask as part of due-diligence.

Would you have list of those questions ready investing in buy to let strategy.

If not:

You can get access to those key 8 questions that can help arriving at a logical conclusion on if you should invest or you shouldn’t.

Buy To Let: 8 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy A Property

7) All The Scenarios When Lenders Will Not Give You A Mortgage

Have you ever got into a scenario where a deal has been accepted but your lender has rejected to lend?

The pain one goes through when thats the scenario and cannot raise funding in time is something you can avoid.


If you are aware of all the scenarios under which a lender will not be comfortable to provide mortgage on the property.

13 Reasons Why A Property Is Considered Unmortgageable?

8) How We Grew Our Buy-To-Let Portfolio When We Started

Its interesting if you take a look back at your own journey and see what patterns you have exhibited investing in property.

We found our small pattern that we identified and customised to suit ourselves. One of the most happiest post we ever did.

We did all the wrong things and then streamlined the imperfections one after the other.

A great read if you are looking to know a bit about us at Limitless Monks.

How We Grew Our Property Investment Portfolio From Zero To 12 Properties In 14 Months

9) Everything To Know About Non-Standard Construction

Non standard construction is probably a dry topic to discuss but one we probably have to equip ourselves with as a general know-how.

Non complaint frames, structures, roofs, materials and more.

That’s a post that covers the non-standard construction to the detail that helps people uncover the non-compliance in their viewings and ensure the costs are factored in refurbishment.

A Simple Guide To Understand Non Standard Construction Property

10) Don’t Buy Repossessed Houses Unless You Know These Facts

Repossession is a great way to secure a below market value property.


It comes with its own downsides if things don’t fall in place as you expect.

With an experience with one out of our first 3 deals where the property was gazumped on the day of exchange, this post gives good insights into what you should know before you buy a repossessed property.

Don’t Buy Repossessed Houses For Sale Unless You Know These Six Facts

11) The Bonus: The Concept Of Incremental Growth That Solves Most Problems

Finally, a bonus addition from our side which has been a popular post and has formed basis for our growth and what we take our clients through as well to grow incrementally.

This is that time of the year where everyone goes around setting their goals for next year and probably revisiting the ones declared last year.

Most probably rewrite the same ones in all honesty.


If you try and understand the reason why that happens, you probably stand a better chance to meet your goals.

This post breaks down logically on what happens when we set goals and why we fail often. It provides insights into what we think one should do to grow.

What We Learnt About Self Improvement Probably Solves Half Your Problems Too


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