10 Ways To Reset Yourself When Things Don’t Go Your Way


    Reset yourself!! Isn’t that something we all need right now?

    As much as one is motivated to achieve their goals, there are always periods of slump that each of us go through unless one is a super human.

    A period where we question our own self, question what we are doing, question our capabilities, question pretty much everything.

    Fortunately, that is human and that should not be a surprise.

    In questioning so, you lose focus and feel the exhaustion from time to time with only solution to reset yourself with what we know.

    I have experienced this a lot and still today go through this behaviour but with a lot of awareness instead of anxiety.

    Interesting thing though:

    This led me to establish some great personal routines at the back of analysing this repeated experience of feeling the slump last decade.

    To name a few:

    • 5 days a week fitness with my teenager
    • Journaling i.e. publish blog every week
    • Treat your body each month
    • Family fortnightly evening drinks with a movie
    • Social media holiday

    And more…

    Below are the 10 things that myself and Ravi, my fellow monk have listed that each of you can do to reset yourself.

    You may not want to do all of them but you can definitely choose few of them as your go to items to reset yourself.

    BYOB: Bring Your Own Buddy

    What are friends for?

    Don’t stick to just saying that and trust your close friends to lift your mood up. With social media, it has become far too easy to say we have got thousands of friends.


    We both know that, the ones whom you can keep close and rely on in the time of need are very few among those thousands.

    Don’t think twice and hit that drink with a friend or two for starters and share things that you otherwise can’t or don’t want to share with family.

    Resort To Some Type Of Physical Activity

    Resort to some type of physical activity to get your energy levels up and switch off from your ongoing self talk or thoughts.

    It can be as simple as a small walk outside to as cool as going to your gym sessions.

    Consistent routine to do your fitness at whatever level can only do good. Here are three reasons why I do physical fitness.

    • Be it gym or time when you exercise, your mind automatically resets and gives you the focus subconsciously. You can observe that when you are in gym, your mind does not have scattered thoughts.
    • Second, increases intake of oxygen and release of endorphins which helps relieving your stress levels and makes you happy.
    • Third, it has become a part of my bigger WHY. The energy I expect from my family at home is exactly the reflection of what I give them. Fitness allows me to radiate that positive energy at home.


    Positive Self Talk

    Be mindful of what you tell yourself.


    That self talk or inner dialogue has more impact on how you shape yourself up than what someone else talks about you.

    Often, I notice that the best way to counteract inner dialogue (the negative one) is inner dialogue itself (the positive one).

    As an example:

    Property investment involves a lot of money which sub-consciously puts a bit of pressure securing those funds in time for investment.

    Experiment with just 60 seconds of self talk that just says by just saying things like “I will secure the funds in time”, “I am good at what I do” and/or “I have been doing this for a while and cant take pressure doing the same thing” changes your fears and mood.

    You can get as creative with your positive messages as you like.

    Write Down Your Experiences

    Be it your diary that you write on a daily/weekly basis or a journal that business community is used to, write your experiences.

    Good experiences or Learnings. Doesn’t matter.

    This blog for us is our journal writing everything that we learn along the way and is a wonderful memory lane to refer back to when chips are down.

    It just refreshes us reading our own experiences and reading the reviews we get each month from our community.

    Dump Social Media For Few Days

    Break the thought that you have to be on social media every day if you have to run a business.

    Documentation is necessary but isn’t life.

    At least that has been my personal learning after spending few years on social media platforms.

    The key to documentation is consistency and that does not need to be daily. You determine the schedule you are comfortable with and participate as convenient to you.

    Here is a small tip:

    Have regular social media holiday i.e. few days every period when you will not open any of social media apps.

    Breath To Reset Yourself

    Exhaustion coupled with overthinking causes anxiety and the best free medicine to reduce or even get rid of anxiety is breathing.

    I certainly underestimated the power of just a deep inhale and exhale but when done consistently calms you down like no other technique.

    The best thing that happened is corrected sleep patterns when this is followed regularly.

    Here is a great overview of breathing exercises to do when you feel anxious from healthline.

    Reset Yourself By Doing One Thing You Love

    Everyone has something they love to do most, that makes them happy from inside.

    I love singing and good old Bollywood classics.

    Yeah, you can call me old school.

    So what is that one thing that makes you happy from inside that you can do, without overthinking or over complicating it.

    There is never a best time to do that thing than when you would like to reset yourself.

    Your inner happiness is what drives you and the results you deliver.

    The Earth, Fire, Air, Water And Sky

    Get in touch with nature and specifically with as many as possible from the five elements.

    i.e. earth, fire, air water and sky.

    Human mind and body rejuvenates by just experiencing nature.

    Simple long walks when you are mentally exhausted next to a river is good enough example to experience nature.

    Likewise a simple campfire in the garden like below is good enough to change the mood.


    Give A Reset To Your Body

    It all started with nursing my bad back going for a sports therapy session when all else failed.

    I loved how relaxed my body felt after the session and just continued it to be a monthly routine irrespective of whether I need it or not.

    This routine now is a token of thank you to my body for what I have put it through the years.

    Resetting your muscles and connecting nerves with rejuvenated blood flow goes a long way to reset yourself.

    Shout out to team below whom I consider as my power team to reset my body and get me going should I hit exhaustion point.

    Question is, do you have a power team to help reset yourself in your personal life just like you do within your property business life?


    Get That First And Single Task To Complete

    You don’t have to stop your work. Reduce it to just one task whilst your reset process is in progress.

    The sense of completing one simple task gives you that momentum and motivation to do more.

    It just builds up and leads to incremental growth of what you want to do over a period of time.

    Finally: Build A Longer Term Reset Yourself Framework

    Whilst above are all short term fixes that you can pick and choose to reset yourself, there is a need to establish a longer term framework.

    Within self development, its one thing to create habits that help you grow but those habits have to become lifestyle to be able to sustain the growth.

    In order to sustain, you need to create your own framework that works for you.

    Resetting yourself is no exception and has to become a lifestyle to be able to keep that inner happiness in tact all along.

    Here are five key things that I find helps in reducing those periods of slump over longer period of time and hence my framework revolves around these.

    1. Identify What Makes You Happy: Inner happiness is the only driver that unleashes your greatest potential and improves your productivity.
    2. Conditioning Thoughts: A simple routine to periodically keep your thoughts in check, and affirmations within your lifestyle will help overcome fears that we go through as humans.
    3. Residential Changes: What changes can you make at home that allows you to reset yourself on an ongoing basis. Home gym, a fire place, a man cave/she shed and like.
    4. Focus On Finances Every Month: The biggest reason why people end up with financial pressures is not having a regular routine to just review their finances. Having one goes a long way to reduce such a pressure.
    5. Meditation and Fitness routine within Your Lifestyle is half the battle won.

    Give it a thought to personalise this on what works for you as a framework and putting few routines in place to adhere to on a regular basis.

    Happy rest and happier life….


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