5 Property Rental Tech Companies Changing The Face Of Lettings


The word PropTech or Property rental tech probably does not excite most of the current day property investors as much as words like property and financial freedom does.


UK is thriving within the PropTech and specifically when it comes to property rental tech with a number of startups that have come to light last 2 years.

With government throwing in regulations in every possible way, small efficiencies resulting from automation of mundane tasks will matter the most.

It’s only a matter of time before technology is going to drive those small gains within the property world.


Some of these start ups are not just developing intelligent apps but they are trying to change the face of how property rentals work and probably are defining how they should work in future.

This post is to just give insights into few of those property rental tech companies that are worth watching for on how they evolve over time.

Here are the 5 property rental tech companies enabling that shift on how we manage properties.

1) Lavanda

Lavanda is a UK based property rental tech platform that thrives on home-stays and home-sharing by providing a platform that leverages booking.com and Airbnb to fill the property voids.

You can expect to use the system for short and medium-term rental strategies across both domestic and international portfolios.

The simple trend that Lavanda has seen and works on, is the convergence of real estate, hospitality and travel.


This property rental tech platform broadly has four features.

  • Residential Asset Optimisation: Enables landlords to assess the unrealised across his/her portfolio based on impact analysis that the system can perform.
  • Multi Channel Rental Strategies: Be it student accommodation or serviced apartments, you are able to optimise the distribution of properties across the rental channels.
  • Hospitality: Providing the personalised welcoming experience, you are able to build your community using the platform.
  • Property Management System: An in-built management system to meet your needs on property repairs or even link up with accredited partners.

2) AskPorter

Artificial intelligence (AI) meets property sector via AskPorter.

The fact that Google has invested heavily into this service and lends its technology to thin down the routine mundane tasks managing a development speaks volumes.


A multi-lingual digital assistant named “Porter” sits in between the tenants and the housing providers and machine learns the interactions to optimise the workflows.

Besides the workflow automation, the service can qualify leads, take and chase rental payments, triage maintenance queries, plus anything else involved with living or working – in any space.

Personally love the look of it given the amount of automation that is possible using this rental property tech.

3) Appear Here

Looking to rent short term space for what ever business idea you have, exactly where Appear Here comes into play.


Its an online marketplace for short term space helping entrepreneurs, small businesses to rent space easily.

An example can be, if you are looking for some retail space to trail selling your product for few weeks or even days without the hassle of owning a space, this is going to be handy.

Over 200,000 businesses have already signed up and are using this innovative service and the scope of this growing is immense.

You can list your space too on the website as a landlord and secure rents from clients.

4) MoveBubble

A mobile app specifically designed for millennial renters based in London, MoveBubble is an app that makes it easier for tenants to find and rent properties.

movebubbleAs a renter you will also receive suggestions on areas to rent, book viewings, view properties and leave your feedback.

The company and app is designed to target the build-to-rent sector and are backed up by able partners like M&G Investments, JLL, tipi and more.

5) RentProfile

RentProfile is a repository of verified landlords / tenants / agents backed up with a reliable software recognised by the government of UK.

For those who are willing to manage their portfolio themselves or small lettings business, this can come in handy.


The software comes up with following automated features with it.

  • Tenant checks
  • Advanced risk scoring
  • Role based agency management
  • Rent guarantee and Deposit replacement
  • Auto follow-ups

With its goal to prevent fraud within the private rental sector and social housing, the housing providers are well engaged via alerts when an enquiry is made on the property.

Tenants benefit from being able to identify if the property is being illegally sublet by the landlord.

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