5 Beginner Property Investor Online Marketing Techniques You Must Know


Online property marketing techniques for investors and investments should be no different to any other business marketing.


There is a subtle difference.

Property investment as a means to build wealth is done as a one man business and most of the time on personal names of the investor and family.

It isn’t run as a main stream business.

Here is the deal:

If you need to find deals creatively and want to spend some time buying and selling properties using non-conventional methods, then you need to invest time on learning these basic property marketing techniques.

This post is going to cover 5 of those beginner property marketing techniques to promote your property business, secure deals and if you look to diversify your business.

1) Email Marketing

One of the marketing technique that has survived the test of times and uses email as an engagement mechanism with your customers.

A simple process, is to offer some form of value to your potential buyers or sellers in exchange for their email address.

Once they are into your email funnel, its over to you as an investor on how you want to communicate your message across and convert them into your customers or potential sale.

You don’t need to invent the wheel on how to do this. There are so many free and paid software that have automated such a funnel building mechanism.


Here are best of those email marketing software that you can use to implement this technique.

Best Email Marketing Tools>>

2) Search Engine Optimisation

Put simply in a layman terms, its being able to be found on google search or any other search engine.

Be it your business, your content, your products or your properties.

In its simplest form, the more number of visitors who hit a link in search engines and land on your website, the more chances to convert them into your customers and sell.


There are two ways of achieving that.

Free But Laborious To Rank In Search Engines

This is where you need to understand a lot more about search engine optimisation. At the very root of it, search engines love value added content.

If you are able to create value added content and establish the trust relationship with content search engines, you are in for a treat.

Your website will rank on 1st page of google sending lots of potential leads to your website.

However, this is an ongoing piece of work and never ends.

The day you stop promoting your content or someone else creates better content you lose your rankings.

Paid And Rank On First Page Of Search Engines

Ranking your website right at the top of google search results by just opting to advertise on google takes all that complexity away.

However, there is a bit of skill required to judge accurately on at what price your ad can compete against others and appear on first page.

3) Content Development And Marketing

Many people say that the concept of “Content Is King” is dead.

It may not be king anymore but it surely is “Currency”.

Just hover over to any social media platform and look out how much of content is being shared and advertised to secure leads.

Create the content. Sure.


With a purpose of communicating what you and your business stand for.

It isn’t that time consuming should you wish to develop and promote your content. Use tools like Canva to create powerful images and tools like buffer to schedule your posts into social media channels.

Facebook within its groups and pages provides the scheduling feature itself that you could make best use of, if you don’t fancy scheduling tools.

4) Social Media Campaigns

The simplest way to spread your message on social media channels is by simply being present on the social media channel.

While it lasts, this is the best and free marketing you can ever get at the moment and you are talking to your potential customers directly.

Simply, talk to your friends on what you are set out to do as part of your property business and show what your doing on a daily basis.

That by itself is going to keep your audience engaged and will speak volumes on who you are as person and what your business is.


It isn’t something you can achieve in one day. It takes time before you can actually get any kind of result, assuming you have been able to sustain and stay consistent over a longer period of time.

There is an easier route too to reach your audience.

Pretty much every social media channel gives you an easy to use interface to opt into their paid promotional campaigns for your business.

A simple less than £5 worth of marketing can get you below exposure to your target market in no time.


You can use their filter mechanism to zero in on your target audience and just communicate your message, sell your product or just let them opt into your email funnel.

5) Simple Networking

It’s no surprise property investment is a domain where most of the investors prefer to network face to face.

It’s not a big surprise simply because, most of us believe its people business and the best things happen when you are able to network in person.

Networking events both free and paid are pretty much accessible everywhere and all you need to do is choose two events you like and attend them regularly.


Issue is people tend to attend the events and not do much after the events. So here is a helpful guide for you to experiment on how to create a powerful network for your business.

>> How To Build Your Property Network


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