Property Viewings System For Investors

A cool guide that will give you a property viewings system that just works and a handy checklist of what you need to view in a property to assess your refurbishment properly. 


This Simple System includes

cyclic Scheduling System

Property viewings are like heartbeat to investors. You will need a scheduling system to be able to remain consistent at viewings.

Productivity Tips

Productivity tips that have doubled the number of viewings we do for us and our coaching clients.

What To View In The Property

9 things to look for externally and 15 things you must not miss internally to assess your refurbishment costs.

Questions To Ask Your Agent

14 Questions you should ask your estate agent or property sourcers when you are viewing a property.

Our Satisfied Community


Just another quick thank you - read your article about maximising viewings. Booked few but annoyed that we didn't plan it well enough. Its harder with work and kids, so have to be super well planned. Your guide summed up everything.  


Property Investor Mum


Hi. I have read your blog a few times now and will keep reading. The posts are an eye opener to me. I m looking forward to put all the useful information into practice. So, thank you Sudheer and Ravi for your time and efforts that you sacrifice to bring it to people like me.


Property Investor & Employee


Hi Sudheer, You ve' actually got some very good posts on your Limitless Monks website. I've read read 6 of them so far, and I'm gonna continue. 


Property Investor & IT Consultant


Sudheer Vatsavaya

​The author

Co-Founder of Limitless Monks and a property investor investing in UK and overseas. Limitless Monks are on a mission to highlight the importance and techniques of performance mindset offering best in class coaching for business owners to….

  • Grow themselves and their business “Incrementally”
  • Invest in property with “Ownership and Accountability”
  • Systematise their business with “Simple To Use Tech”

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