Power Of Choice: How Our Choices Can Affect Our Lives


    Despite having the biggest power of choice at our disposal, as humans we fail with simplest of things.

    You might be wondering what the hell is he on about.

    Working with large corporate clients and with individual business owners, time and time again I see that people fail achieving their targets due to what goes on in their head as opposed to their skills or talent.

    Did you know?

    One of the biggest powers we as humans have is the power of choice.

    How many of us even realise that we have power and how many of us have given their power of choice to someone else.

    Choices lead to actions which leads to consequences.

    What do we do to be aware of the power of choice and harness to make the most of this power in our lifetime?

    You are responsible for your life. You are the greatest asset that you have. Stop blaming other people or situations for your life.

    Here are few choices that we as humans fall flat on our face before we realise to progress in our personal and business lives alike.

    Many To One Choice

    Every single day we are making 100s of choices, but not commit. This will lead us into self-doubt leading to question us on why we made a choice.

    It is about being consistent and persistent every single day.

    Make one choice, commit to completing it.

    Once you have set a standard for yourself, start with two choices. These little changes can make massive shifts in who you are becoming.

    There is a Japanese technique “Kaizen” which means a philosophy of making small incremental improvements as a framework.

    Some of the successful CEO and business owners put this same principle into practice. You are making a choice and commit to accomplishing this choice.

    Instead of Making 100 choices and do nothing make one choice and commit to it.

    It is no-brainer that once a commitment is made, consequences or results will follow which leads to either success or a learning.

    Choice To Respond or React

    Do you respond or react to situations when they stretch you to your limits.

    Here is what i mean:

    Responding to the situation

    Response is triggered when you are emotionally detached and can think objectively with calm demeanour.

    One tend to think on solution on how he/she can resolve a problem or a situation. This further helps us to grow as an individual and achieve what we are set to achieve.

    This scenario is more like a fly enjoying honey sitting on the brim of the cup full of honey. It can enjoy as much as needed and take off.

    Reacting to the situation

    When we are reacting to situations life throws at us, we completely lose focus on our goals.

    We are completely distracted, at times this can kick in all sorts of emotions like anger, lust, greed, jealousy and ego.

    This only means we will take hours if not days to come out the turmoil and we may or may not go back focusing on the goals.

    This scenario is more like a fly is consumed in the honey which only means it has to swim through with massive effort to come out of it to live. However there is a chance of not making it out alive.

    The difference between responding and reacting to situations life throws at us is as simple as you living your life or living someone else’s life.

    Renting Out Your Head Space

    We spend most of our time listening to INNER VOICES or simply self talk that goes in our own head.

    Did you know?

    When you run your own stories based on actions of others you are letting someone else rule your head.


    You are renting your head space to someone else.

    Inner voices can be our best friend but for most of us it is worst enemy. They can be very painful and at times can push people into depression.

    What choices are we making to make your head-space your best friend?

    Why is knowing about inner voice important?

    If one is pushed out of his/her comfort zone they are bound to put themselves in scenarios where internal dialogue kicks in. This can be both positive and negative.

    Here is the deal:

    How much of time does one spend battling the inner voice losing focus on their target.


    How much is it serving you to grow?

    Secret to win is dependant on how you can transform your negative inner voice into productive conversation.


    How does inner voice get activated?

    Inner voice gets activated when you are uncomfortable with a conversation with a friend or a family member, listening to news about disasters or even opinions to your posts on social media.

    What can you do about your inner voice?

    In all these scenarios we are renting our valuable head-space to what other people think about us.

    It is very important to mention at this point that other people’s opinion about you is not your reality.

    What they say about you is based on where they are in life, what fights they are fighting themselves, how they are feeling.

    Be very mindful of the time you are renting your head-space to other people’s thoughts.

    At the end of the day

    You are the owner of your head space and if someone else is ruling it, you authorised them to.

    Your Dream Or Others Dream

    By nature and tradition we are turned as kids to study hard and get a job. This is a subconscious push that everyone including schools, parents give to their children and hence is deep rooted.

    The direct result of this is majority of people end up not realising their dreams and instead look for happiness working for others dreams.

    Be your own boss as an entrepreneur and you have your choice to hike your income as you like backed by your commitment to work.

    The power of choice lies in making your life more balanced in different wealths of life like spiritual, physical, social and financial.

    Snooze or Create Your Life

    Most of the entrepreneurs start with the job. One of the first steps to kick start the journey towards entrepreneurship is starting to create additional time from our daily routine apart from the job.

    In the additional time start working on different areas of yourself (Personal Growth) then transfer those skills into a side hustle. Starting a small business and growing it so that they can start living the life of their dreams.

    It all starts with getting up early and being ahead of everyone else, accomplishing what others don’t and get way ahead.

    Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, we all have limited time. What do we do with the time we have, makes us who we become.

    The choice is to snooze or rise and shine.

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