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Angel Investment: Raising Investment For Growing Your Property Portfolio

Anyone in property investment would look for angel investment sooner or later. Either they would run out of their money or start investment with no money but prepared to put in their time. We have...

10 Property Renovation Mistakes To Avoid As A Property Investor

Property renovation costs are notoriously hard to control when a property investor does not have a close control on the work being carried out. As an investor, it’s natural to depend on your builder or...

5 Effective Property Deal Analysis Techniques To Analyse Buy-To-Let And HMO Deals

Property deal analysis can be complicated. Over time we learnt that there are 5 main ways to effectively analyse a property deal, specifically Buy To Lets and HMO’s. It turns out that more than half...

Buy To Let: 8 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy A Property

This is a market where most of the property investors are questioning if buy-to-let is still a viable investment strategy. Personally, I will take an optimistic view and say that I haven't seen anything different...