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Sudheer is a Property investor, blogger and one who loves nurturing ideas into implementation. Limitless Monks is all about realising your full potential and giving insights into building a money generating business, alongside individual 9 to 5 hustle.

A Simple Guide To Understand Non Standard Construction Property

A non standard construction is simply a property that does not conform to the standard definition. In order to confirm to standard definition, the walls...

FENSA Certificate And Everything You Should Know About It

FENSA certificate is a regulation that a property investor most often discovers on the go when he/she starts investing within their journey. Whilst there are...

5 Property Investment Risks And How To Mitigate Them Building Your Portfolio

Property investment risks and managing them is little ill thought within the industry at both levels, be it landlords who have not taken their...

Offer On A Property: 7 Key Things To Include In Your Property Offers System

Offer on a property in itself is an art and many a times can determine if you actually make money or lose money within...

5 Property Mindset Habits To Shape You Up As An Investor

Property mindset is a topic for some odd reason isn’t discussed much in the community and it’s fair to say the market isn’t flooded...

10 Property Renovation Mistakes To Avoid As A Property Investor

Property renovation costs are notoriously hard to control when a property investor does not have a close control on the work being carried out. As...
property viewings

[Property Viewings] : An Ultimate Guide On How To View Properties Building Your Portfolio

Property viewings are heartbeat to any property investor trying to build their portfolio. There is simply no debate around it. While most talk about financial...

Buy To Let: 8 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy A Property

This is a market where most of the property investors are questioning if buy-to-let is still a viable investment strategy. Personally, I will take an...
repossessed houses

Don’t Buy Repossessed Houses For Sale Unless You Know These Six Facts

Repossessed houses for sale can sound like a great investment opportunity, but only if you are fully aware of the risks around purchasing one. Having...

10 Powerful Tips To Get Your Property Deal Accepted

This post is going to give you insights into what you need to negotiate a property deal like a pro by asking the right...