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Sudheer is a Property investor, blogger and one who loves nurturing ideas into implementation. Limitless Monks is all about creating a content platform and network who believe in realising their full potential within property investment and personal development space.

5 Property Rental Tech Companies Changing The Face Of Lettings

The word PropTech or Property rental tech probably does not excite most of the current day property investors as much as words like property...

What Causes Property Subsidence And How To Identify Subsidence?

Property Subsidence deters most of the investors buying a property that they would love to purchase as an investment. In all honesty, while I purchased...

How To Setup Your Property Sourcing Business

Property sourcing business can be tempting to give yourself a head start within property investment. Specifically: When you are low on cash. This probably is the first...

5 Beginner Property Investor Online Marketing Techniques You Must Know

Online property marketing techniques for investors and investments should be no different to any other business marketing. However: There is a subtle difference. Property investment as a...

Property Investment In North West Of England?

Why invest in property within north west of England? That's a question most of us ask ourselves when you look at property capital appreciation in...

5 Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Property Business

Email marketing tools have been serving small businesses for decades engaging their customers and converting them to potential leads. However: It's fair to say for some...

Tenant Fees Ban: Everything You Need To Know As A Landlord

Tenant fees ban is the latest regulation that has made it successfully into the ever changing property industry regulations within UK. I cannot say its...

Freehold And Leasehold Ownership Within Property Investment

Freehold versus Leasehold, not many first time buyers really think about the type of ownership they have on the property they are about to...

The Ultimate Landlord Checklist To Rent Out A Property

Landlord checklist, this may appear to be a push to really have a checklist to let a property out. However: With ever evolving and changing regulations...

5 Platforms To Find The Right Tradesmen For Your Property Renovation

Finding the good tradesmen can be a pleasant or a sour experience in equal measure. I haven’t come across a property investor within my community...