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Sudheer is a Property investor, blogger and one who loves nurturing ideas into implementation. Limitless Monks is all about realising your full potential and giving insights into building a money generating business, alongside individual 9 to 5 hustle.

How It Feels Like Being A Property Investor Away From External Noise?

Invest at the back of momentum as a property investor and then invest at the back of experiencing a journey are two very different...

5 Lean Principles To Evolve Your Business Blog Without Fuss

Lean principles are not a process or a method to adhere to but a philosophy that should drive your growth or your business growth. Both...

Top 10 Blog Posts In 2019 At Limitless Monks

It's Christmas and new year time. An a time where most of us like to look back and see what we have achieved and...

5 Ugly Truths About Property Investment One Cannot Hide

Have you ever heard of someone coming and selling you a property or an education course highlighting the debt one may have to deal...

How To Win Your Tenants And Secure Long Term Tenancies?

Long term tenancies without a shadow of doubt are great when you are building your portfolio. First off, you have less headache of changing tenants,...

How To Master Buy To Let Property Investments?

Buy to let is dead is the word in the industry, and yet here I am talking about how to master buy to let...

5 Property Rental Tech Companies Changing The Face Of Lettings

The word PropTech or Property rental tech probably does not excite most of the current day property investors as much as words like property...

What Causes Property Subsidence And How To Identify Subsidence?

Property Subsidence deters most of the investors buying a property that they would love to purchase as an investment. In all honesty, while I purchased...

How To Setup Your Property Sourcing Business

Property sourcing business can be tempting to give yourself a head start within property investment. Specifically: When you are low on cash. This probably is the first...

5 Beginner Property Investor Online Marketing Techniques You Must Know

Online property marketing techniques for investors and investments should be no different to any other business marketing. However: There is a subtle difference. Property investment as a...