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Ravi is a Property investor, blogger and one who believes in individual development before business development. Limitless Monks is all about creating a content platform and network who believe in realising their full potential within property investment and personal development space.
section 24

Section 24 Guide And How This Impacts Buy To Let Landlords

One of the biggest threat to private buy-to-let landlords today is Section 24 or The tenant tax. We are one more tax year closer towards...
tenant issues

Top 6 Tenant Issues in Rental Properties And Your Response As A Landlord

Many people joining property investment think that all they need is some money to invest and buy properties. And that is it, its sorted. The fact...
Angel Investor

Angel Investment: Raising Investment For Growing Your Property Portfolio

Anyone in property investment would look for angel investment sooner or later. Either they would run out of their money or start investment with...

Inner Dialogue – A Silent Killer Of Human Potential

Very initial days of my property investment journey, builder walked away with £7000. Me and Sudheer (my friend and business partner) usually travel 200...

Top 5 Tools for Property Viewing While Buying A House

What property viewing tools do you use and how are they helping you in property investment journey? Property viewing is a critical part of buying...

6 Tips To Find A Builder For Your Property Renovation

Have you lost money in your property renovation projects? There isn't a property investor who wouldn't have lost money within his/her projects. The result of...

Power Of Choice: How Our Choices Can Affect Our Lives

Despite having the biggest power of choice at our disposal, as humans we fail with simplest of things. You might be wondering what the hell...
core values

Core Values : The Ultimate Guide To Find Your Values

There is a great divide between the patterns exhibited by the people who are extremely successful and ones who struggle. The same divide applies to...