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The Ultimate Landlord Checklist To Rent Out A Property

Landlord checklist, this may appear to be a push to really have a checklist to let a property out. However: With ever evolving and changing regulations...

5 Platforms To Find The Right Tradesmen For Your Property Renovation

Finding the good tradesmen can be a pleasant or a sour experience in equal measure. I haven’t come across a property investor within my community...
Schedule Of Works

How To Structure Schedule Of Works For Buy To Let Refurbishment?

Planning is the key for successful accomplishment of every project. Right? Wrong!!! Planning is only one aspect of successful accomplishment. Implementation is the key; taking action based on...

What Should You Look For When Buying A Property With Tenant In Situ?

Tenant in situ can be a great proposition if everything falls in place as it should buying a property. More often than not, this wouldn't...

3 Effective Ways To Find Below Market Value Properties [One Nails Down Your Exact...

Below market value properties are right at the core or a backbone to building a portfolio, and further to scale your portfolio over a...
property refurbishment

Property Refurbishment – Step By Step Series For Your Refurbishment Project

Found an investment property, offer is accepted. Exchanged and completed on the fixer-upper property. Now what? Property refurbishment is one of the most important parts of...

7 Landlord Costs That Drains Your Cashflow If You Ignore Them

Landlord costs, aren't they the ones that determine if you are going to be able to create a sustainable and cash flowing property business...
Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed – What You Need To Know To Safeguard Property

Japanese Knotweed, what is a Japanese plant doing in the UK? Japanese knotweed, also known as Fallopia Japonica, was brought to Europe as an ornamental...

How To Work With Your Estate Agents And Secure Your Deals

Working with estate agents isn't complicated and is as simple or as difficult as any other professional services. But: Do you find a bit of negative...

Woodworm And Wood Rot – 2 Killers Of Timber Strength In Property

Timber is major part of property construction in UK. Fixtures to structural timbers, the average home is made up of 70% of timber. Woodworm and...